From planning, strategy development and property acquisition through to approvals and applications, tendering, design and facilities maintenance – First Point provides it all.

Whether you are a developer considering a new project or an owner looking to acquire a new property or refit an existing space – First Point Project Management will partner with you for the life of your property – not just the duration of the project.

Providing services in property identification, property acquisition, application and approvals management, design management, tendering, delivery and facilities maintenance, First Point can work with you as little or as much as you require. With many years experience working with designers and architects, we understand that what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in practice. We will represent your interests and budget from start to end in all elements of the project lifecycle.

Unlike other project management companies, First Point Project Management is a truly independent service. Unattached to third parties such as architects and builders, First Point focuses on the best interests of its clients and works to ensure the achievement of best case outcomes in their favour. Further, First Point’s fees are not based upon the value of construction – they’re based on a fixed fee that is agreed up front.  A major point of difference from most project management businesses, escalating construction costs are not in our interest and clients are clear can set their budget from the outset. 


think – assess – plan – acquire

To achieve project goals and objectives, you need to start with the right foundations. Knowing how your project fits within your overarching strategy is imperative to setting these foundations and achieving future growth.

Finding the right property involves strategy and planning. To increase your return on investment, you need to think about what you want and need, assess how this fits with the overarching strategy of the business, make a plan for how this will all fit together and procure the right property for the best possible terms. 

Choosing the right location, acquiring the right property and navigating the application process are vital to starting your project on time.

With more than 20 years experience in project and development management, property management and commercial real estate, First Point Project Management is experienced in identifying, assessing and acquiring the right space for your needs.

Acquiring the right space, for the right terms at the right time are essential ingredients to building a solid project foundation. The initial identification work executed by First Point Project Management allows projects to stay on track and start on time - saving time, money and missed opport


evaluate – assemble – conceptualise - produce

Ensuring you have the right designers, builders and professionals on board is critical to project delivery. An unsuitable project team can cause time and budget blowouts and design catastrophes. That’s why First Point assigns a team that will best meet the specific needs of your project after real consideration of their expertise and job fit - not who’s available at the time.

Evaluating needs and articulating a clear path to project completion are just some of the initial steps First Point takes in commencing the design process. With decades of experience, First Point’s project management team will work with you to ensure the professionals appointed have the right expertise and understand your vision.

Unique to the industry, our business is focused on a series of regular consultants, networks, referrals and industry contacts. This means we partner with the right person for your job. 

First Point Project Management will be involved from project inception to creative delivery. We have many years experience working with designers and architects and understand that what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in practice. We will represent your interests and budget from start to end. 


research – coordinate – apply – obtain

Obtaining the right approvals is essential to starting on time and staying within budget. Knowing what requirements need to be met and understanding the hurdles that need to be cleared are essential elements to getting a project underway smoothly.

Often a quagmire of dead ends and roundabouts, getting applications through Council and other Consent Authorities can be challenging and time consuming. First Point Project Management has extensive experience with numerous Local Councils across NSW and understands what is required to lodge an application for relative ‘smooth sailing.’ 

Failure to apply for the correct approval or consent and/or misunderstanding regulations and Council conditions will delay any project and derail the best laid plans. First Point Project Management are confident in their understanding of Council requirements and have proven success in navigating both simple and complex applications through to approval.

Skilled at identifying a path where others see none, the team at First Point Project Management is knowledgeable, agile and proactive in minimising delays and achieving best-case outcomes. We will work with you from start to end to obtain a result and will keep you updated and informed throughout the entire process.

In appointing First Point to your applications process, your business (and bottom line) will benefit from strong coordination skills, extensive regulatory, planning and Council application experience and advanced research capabilities. 


prepare - assess - appoint - manage - measure

Whether you are creating a new office, developing a commercial space, building a shopping centre or fitting out a retail outlet, it is essential that the right construction team be assigned to the project. Knowing who to work with and how to get the most out of them takes knowledge of the construction and building industry and skills in managing multiple and often competing agendas.

Through a rigorous tender process, First Point Project Management will assess a variety of construction companies, private bids and submissions and will make a recommendation to you about the most suitable team for the project.

In addition to managing the appointment of the construction company, First Point Project Management will minute, coordinate and measure all work completed, as it is completed - ensuring it is compliant from the outset – not when the certifier inspects the property upon project completion. Working from a detailed project plan, First Point Project Management will keep the construction team on track and within budget.  

First Point will ensure the construction team delivers work that is compliant and of the highest possible professional standard. We will review all invoices and ensure that work billed equates to work completed on site. 


budget – time – quality – communication

Most project management companies just deliver projects to their clients. First Point Project Management believes that understanding what is delivered, how it will be delivered, and whether what was delivered met required standards and your expectations, is an entirely different ball game.

First Point is accurate, experienced and driven to make your project a success – in both your eyes and ours. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and communication, and we spend more time than most understanding your expectations. Across budget, cost, milestones and scope management, First Point understands each and every client has different preferences about how they would like the project delivered and their expectations in relation to communication.

Keeping your project within budget and on time is the goal of any project manager. Ensuring quality of the highest standards are met and that communication is clear is not so common are not so given. Often subjective, First Point Project Management applies a proprietary communication and quality control check to each and every project commissioned. For you, this means a clear understanding of what quality represents, and a tailored communication plan to keep you abreast of developments and milestones. Before the commencement of any project, First Point Project Management will ensure it has a clear and correct understanding of what will be delivered – not just the bricks and mortar but the final budget and financial expectations.

At project completion and at regular intervals throughout the project, First Point will walk you through the entire project from start to end. We will articulate the highlights of the build, take you on site and physically walk you through the project. We will discuss with you next steps and ensure you are supported in the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your new premises. 


review – certify – update - manage

Whether from wear and tear, legal and regulatory obligations or cosmetic requirements, all property needs to be maintained. A partner throughout the lifecycle of your property, First Point Project Management has the skills, expertise and know-how to ensure your property is kept in mint (and saleable) condition and compliant with OH&S, fire, safety and public liability laws and regulations.

From assessment, testing and rejuvenation, First Point offers a one-stop service that spans the entire property lifecycle. Whether you require one-off cosmetic updates or regular periodical inspections and certifications, First Point Project Management can provide you with an end-to-end service.

Under Australian law, building owners are obliged to supply Council and NSW Fire and Rescue with an Annual Fire Safety Statement. The annual fire safety statement is in addition to the fire safety certificate produced upon occupation and must be supplied annually.

As a part of your property’s periodic maintenance schedule, First Point will inspect and assess essential fire safety measures in your building and provide you with an annual fire safety statement; submit the completed statement on your behalf; and ensure that a copy of the statement is displayed in a prominent place (as is required by law).

The team at First Point Project Management offer a cost effective and detailed service and are driven to keep your property in the best possible shape. By appointing First Point to manage and maintain your property, you’re likely to avoid costly long-term repairs and improve the commercial viability of the property on a day-to-day basis. 


“Skilled at identifying a path where others see none, the team at First Point Project Management is knowledgeable, agile and proactive in minimising delays and achieving best-case outcomes.”

From the management of the project to the first day of trading, First Point fosters continuity and communication between the tenant and shopping centre owner. Working hand in hand with retail design managers, First Point ensures the tenancy coordination process is seamless and carried out accurately and expeditiously.

From acceptance of offer through to opening for trade, First Point will deliver and manage tenancies in a timely, safe and hassle free manner. Our services range from meeting clients’ leasing representatives to discuss the leasing strategy, review of tenancy design, coordinating Owners Tenancy Works, liaising with the tenant throughout the fitout process and obtaining required documentation to allow occupation of the premises.